LIBRA is the modular structure to lay windows, French windows and sliding doors, alone or combined with shutters, blinds, or sunshades and motorized accessories, with or without window screens. Perfect for energy efficient buildings fitted with thermal insulation, it improves the performance of window openings even in homes without thermal insulation. LIBRA is an excellent system also for laying window frames alone: as insulating frame, it functions as a template in the opening. 

With LIBRA, windows can be installed flush with the inside wall, in the center or outwards, and, in any case, there will be no need to install thermal insulation in the shoulder, because all four sides are already made of highly insulating material.

LIBRA is a versatile system that allows fitting windows and contributes to comfortable living because, thanks to the absence of thermal bridges, preserves a pleasant in-home temperature. There is no energy waste, and no condensation and mold on walls around the window. The choice and correct use of sealants and insulation for installation is essential for the system to be airtight and, as a result, thermally efficient.

System Partner MAICO

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